The first shoe recycling installation


FastFeetGrinded has developed a unique shoe recycling installation that pulverizes and separates all types of footwear. We treat 3 main sources: simply old shoes which can no longer be worn, unused materials or residues during the production process and sample shoes that have never been worn, but are not for sale purposes.

With our proven technology we recycle all footwear to the full 100% and deliver the resources back to the market, such as rubber, foam, fluff, textile and leather.

Her Majesty Queen Máxima paid a working visit to FastFeetGrinded on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

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Shoe recycling installation
Shoe recycling installation

Team up with FastFeetGrinded

FastFeetGrinded offers the solution for suppliers, brands and customers. Our shoe recycling installation recycles all types of shoes with the latest technology into reusable 100% raw clean materials for new products and shoes.

Shoe recycling installation

World’s first shoe recycling center

Processing shoes 100% into raw materials

Shoe recycling installation


Recycled shoes

Shoe recycling installation
kg rubber
Shoe recycling installation
kg EVA
Shoe recycling installation
kg textile/leather
Shoe recycling installation
kg Co2 reduction
Shoe recycling installation
kg fluff

Development partners, pilot partnerschap or historical partners

Taking responsibility

The problem for manufacturers, retailers en customer:

  • Growing mountains of waste due to discarded shoes
  • Huge CO2 emissions from the production of required new raw materials
  • Scarcity of new raw materials for production
  • Regulations:
    • 2023: mandatory sustainability report (CSRD)
    • 2030: products must contain 50% gerecycled materials
    • 2050: products must be 100% circular

Trust worthy

Our shoe recycling machine has a unique circular process and can recycle footwear into raw materials. Absolutely no resale and no charity!

Each company gets a certificate and proof with the personally “achieved” CO2 reduction that can be used for their sustainability report.