Shoe recycling installationFootwear recycling facility

Team up with our footwear recycling facility

Besides the footwear recycling facility in the Netherlands, FastFeetGrinded offers this unique method of recycling all over the world. In this way, an even greater contribution is made to CO2 reduction.

Join the recycling world

This can be done in two ways:

For you:
FastFeetGrinded handles the processing of discarded shoes for your organisation. All you have to do is deliver the discarded shoes and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

With you:
Want to recycle shoes yourself? You can! Under the licence of The Footwear Recycling Company, we build you an on-site recycling plant, where you can recycle shoes into new raw materials yourself.

Let's Team up
Footwear recycling facility
Footwear recycling facility

Why use our footwear recycling facility

What’s in it for the world… and for your organisation…

FastFeetGrinded is there for governments, manufacturers and retailers who want to take their responsibility in making the footwear industry circular. Organisations that want to make an active contribution to Co2 reduction.

Measurability of results is key. That is why FastFeetGrinded provides insight with impact reports:

What contribution an organisation makes by collecting shoes and having them recycled.

  • The CO2 reduction achieved.
  • The cost savings.
  • The contribution to achieving climate objectives.