Recycle footwear

So here we are, in full operation to recycle footwear with our world’s first shoe recycling installation.

We all wear shoes and another 24 billion shoes are added every year. 95% of our used shoes still end up in landfills or will be incinerated, with major impact on our environment.

We provide the solution.

Our magic

FastFeetGrinded has developed a unique recycling installation that pulverizes and separates all types of footwear.

We treat 3 main sources:

  • simply recycle old shoes which can no longer be worn;
  • unused materials or residues during the production process;
  • and sample shoes that have never been worn, but are not for sale purposes.
Let's Team up
Recycle footwear
Recycle footwear

With our proven technology we recycle footwear to the full 100% and deliver the resources back to the market, such as rubber, foam, fluff, textile and leather. The resources are so pure that we have managed to make all the components for a complete circular shoe! We also supply our resources back to create different products such as: playgrounds and outdoor sports fields. But as well as retail store designs, furniture and xxxx

We reduce waste, reduce Co2 emissions and reduce the production of new resources.