Do you like to waste things? Do you gladly throw away items that still have value? Or do you send your used clothing to poor countries? Oh no? Then urban mining is your thing. Urban mining turns the city into a mine. A mine full of old shoes and clothes that are nevertheless unused: in cupboard drawers, garden sheds or other dusty places. While they are full of raw materials that we can turn into new materials.


We at FastFeetGrinded look at how we can deal with things differently. That is why we are constantly looking for new developments and opportunities to reuse the used sports shoes and clothing as new raw materials.













The FFGRD FIBER is obtained from the upper of the sports shoe. It is a High Quality material and can, for example, be used in horse trails like Geopad.

The FFGRD FOAM is obtained from the intermediate layer of the sports shoe. It is lighter and more flexible as rubber. This makes it suitable as underlay under Tracks, as infill material for synthetic turf pitches etc.


The FFGRD RUBBER is obtained from the sole of the sports shoe. It is used as a top layer for Tracks, children's playgrounds and gyms. In this way, the top layer can consist of 100% recycled material.




Would you like more information or do you have a project where we can use our FFGRD material?


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