Let’s start with “we”. The dreamers for whom dreaming isn’t good enough. The ones who want a better future and actually make a difference by coming up with creative ideas to make it happen.

The ones who willingly pull their weight on the road to decreasing their carbon footprint.

We, athletic people of earth, produce hundreds of millions of athletic shoes and sneakers per year to fulfill our athletic goals. 

We also throw away plenty of shoes during that same year and it has a major impact on our environment. 

But hear this; what if you don’t throw away your old shoes and let the SRM give them a second life?

Creating more waste isn’t going to work, we need to think ahead, 

think of the future – go circular.

FastFeetGrinded has developed a unique recycling machine that pulverizes and seperates used shoes. The obtained raw materials are so pure that we have managed to make all parts for a complete circular shoe!

In addition, the raw materials are supplied to producers of playgrounds and outdoor sporting fields.

FastFeetGrinded uses unique technology to connect many collectors,  manufacturers, retailers and recycle companies to transform the international footwear industry into a circular industry.

Contributing to a world with a perspective for the future.

That’s exactly how we are doing this, together.