Donate your old Runningshoes

FastFeetGrinded - this is how we do it ...


Let's start with "we". The type of future dreamer who does not leave it at dreams and who has a better world in perspective. Who not only thinks along but joins. The type that voluntarily pulls the cart on the path of the green movement.

We, sporting inhabitants of planet earth, use hundreds of millions of sport shoes and sneakers every year. But we also throw a lot away and that is a huge burden on the environment. But what if you throw them away and we process them into something else? More refuse no one will help, the future for being and going circular indeed.

FastFeetGrinded collects used shoes, pulverizes and separates them in a local factory and supplies the granulate as raw material to producers of playgrounds, outdoor sports fields, athletics tracks and sports shoes. Playing sports and playing "on" your old shoes and actively contributing to a circular economy, that's exactly how we do it together.

Run, return, recycle.




The collected shoes are disassembled in a special way so that different materials are obtained. These materials are processed into new raw materials for reuse in playgrounds, sports fields or new materials or shoes.


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