Our FastFeetGrinded products are made from the recycled materials obtained from the sports shoes and sneakers.


With a view to the possibilities we are always looking for the versatility that the different materials bring with them. Since the shoes consist of many different materials, there are still a lot of challenges to be found here.











Our special rubber floors are a beautiful example of a circular product. The rubber of the shoes is mixed with a natural EPDM. This makes the black floor a 100% natural material, which can also be recycled again if the floor is ever changed.


Our floors are tested at drop height. This makes them ideal for children's playgrounds and playgrounds, but also think of snooze rooms, running tracks or tracks, receptions of offices etc. It is also a responsible choice for municipalities and public institutions.


The floor can also be fully adapted to your wishes and requirements. It is thus possible to provide the FFGRD floor with its own logo. With this we emphasize the unique look of this circular innovation.

Would you like more information or do you have a project where we can use our FFGRD material?


Local projects are an important goal for us to realize. With this we stimulate the local initiatives. We look forward to seeing how we can help you ....


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